About us


We believe in encouraging the highest standards of quality. We ensure to deliver our cost effective services to our clients. We will continue to benefit our clients by promoting highest level of health care. Single and multiple group training, community health care centers, long term care facilities, home health agencies and local business, we proudly services all of these clientele.

For the proper treatment, and to monitor any disease a series of laboratory tests are conducted and only then physician is able to diagnose the disease. 80% physician’s interpretation is the outcome of laboratory tests. 30 years ago our lab was established has gained an admirable reputation throughout the clinical laboratory market. We have managed to maintain a fastest network across all the locations of the region. In the past 30 years, we ensure to upgrade our laboratory technology more. Clinical laboratories hold a very significant position in health care. Testing of the samples is done extremely carefully, each sample is then individually inspected. We ensure to complete the process of testing in the minimum possible time and to make accurate results. The results are then transferred to the clients as soon as possible.

CEO Message

Our quality standards ensures to provide testing results that are accurate, timely and reliable. We ensure to provide the best laboratory testing services in order to improve health, safety and well being of the people. Customer satisfaction is our priority, we make practices to promote good health care in the safest manner.

Being healthy is every one’s priority and the importance of health is well-known to everyone. But have you ever wondered if your physician wants to run some tests, who had your drawn blood samples? It is our laboratory professionals who conduct the detecting, analyzing, and monitoring of the samples and provides information to your practitioner. Our laboratory professionals are skilled and educated in their field of work. All the laboratory professionals are well aware about the new technology and modern equipment, how to use them and use these instruments to evaluate the samples.


Our mission is to promote awareness among the people about the importance of laboratory services. As all of the laboratory services safeguard public health, to avoid illness, analysis of disease and to provide the best possible treatment. We mission to contribute to clinical laboratory science through our research work, create awareness among the people about the significance of laboratory services, and to support the profession by providing services.

Our laboratory has a proficient health care team, all the laboratory scientists are skilled and have experience required to show dedication to their professional roles. Many of the laboratory scientist are certified and have certification of their specific position. Other than that many of the professionals have experience and complete training. Our laboratory is fully maintained with the modern equipment and machined required to fulfill the lab task of performing testing. We are a complete service laboratory with the best hygienic environment, specialized machines and equipment, fastest information transmission systems and best reporting choices.